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Best Trading Platform In The UK For Larger Accounts

Best Trading Platform in the UK for Larger Accounts -2023

I have decided to take a look at my current trading platform costs to see if I can get a cheaper one without compromising on quality of service/range of services or safety. So is there a better or best trading platform in the UK for larger accounts? By ‘larger’ I talking investments of circa £250k …

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‎Emotional Stages of Retirement

Emotional Stages of Retirement

Retirement, at any age, is a significant life event that can cause a range of emotions. We all tend to concern ourselves with the financial side of retiring early and forget about the emotional stages of retirement. The different feelings we all go through as we near retirement and once we retire. I remember when …

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How Much Do I Need To Retire At 55

How Much Do I Need To Retire At 55

The seemingly simple question of ‘how much do I need to retire at 55’ is actually far from simple to answer definitively. All the articles I read online about it fell very short of providing a comprehensive enough answer to be useful. So I thought I’d write up my thoughts on the matter based on …

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FIRE Types by Value of Investment Pot

FIRE Types – Lean FIRE, Chubby FIRE, Fat FIRE etc.

As you explore the FIRE movement you will come across terms such as Lean FIRE, Chubby FIRE, Fat FIRE etc. But what do these terms actually mean? To my mind there are two ways of defining these terms, the first is the more subjective ‘what kind of lifestyle does my FIRE income allow me to …

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What are the UK Equivalents of Popular US Funds?

A lot of the portfolio recommendations you come across online are from US-based investors. You’ll see portfolios like VTI and chill, or 80% VTI & 20% VXUS, but as UK investors these funds are not available to us, so what are the UK equivalents of popular US funds? Why can’t I buy US-based funds in …

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FIRE Portfolio

Our FIRE Portfolio

After hours of research and analysis, I have created a FIRE portfolio that consists of a range of low-cost index tracking funds. The aim of the portfolio is to be low maintenance, low cost, well diversified and give a decent return. Avoid the Biggest Portfolio Mistake – You Having been guilty of exactly this myself …

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Getting Rid of the Piranhas

Piranhas are those sneaky little monthly subscriptions that you take out and as time goes by you have a whole shoal of them nibbling away at your money. What are my Piranhas When I did my Getting to Grips With My Outgoings budgeting a few things jumped out at me that I need to tackle. …

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FIRE Goals

FIRE Goals – 2023

I don’t normally do new years resolutions or that type of thing but there is a Reddit subgroup I’m on and people list their FIRE Goals at the start of each year. A lot of what was on there gave me some great ideas and I started to realise that a list of FIRE goals …

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Our Aiming For FIRE Plan

Intro I have spent some time over the last few days going through our assets and investments in detail so that I can map out a FIRE plan. I got a lot of value out of doing this and now have a much better handle on things, so I thought I’d share how I’ve approached …

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iPhone 14 Pro

Reducing Mobile Phone Costs

As part of my ongoing mission to trim the fat off my monthly outgoings, I shopped around for the best options to reduce my mobile phone costs and decided not to go with the cheapest option here’s why and what I did. Phone + SIM deal I thought I’d start with this one as whilst …

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