About Me

Jon Wright

Hi, I’m Jon. I guess I’m not your average Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) type. I’m not in my early 30’s and planning on living a very frugal lifestyle, saving and investing a ton of money as I go. That ship has long since sailed, I will turn 50 in a few months.

However, I have lived a FIRE-type existence for most of my working life, I’ve always been frugal and saved a decent proportion of my income. My key aim now is to really focus on sorting my finances out such that I don’t have to work until I’m 65 unless I want to.

In terms of my background, I’m married with no kids, I live in the UK and I have worked in Financial Services most of my life, initially on the marketing side of things and latterly on the IT side of things. At one point I even qualified as a Financial Adviser. I have invested in the stock market for as long as I can remember and I own my own house outright.

About Aiming For FIRE

Why did I launch this website? Well, my main aim is a purely selfish one, I want to sort my financial shit out. I feel that documenting everything and making it public will help me focus on getting to where I want to be and will hopefully help others out as a result.

I need to get a grip on my outgoings, sort out my investments, work out what income I need to generate and when and how I can achieve that. Basically, I need to come up with a roadmap to FIRE.