Best Trading Platform in the UK for Larger Accounts -2023

Best Trading Platform In The UK For Larger Accounts

I have decided to take a look at my current trading platform costs to see if I can get a cheaper one without compromising on quality of service/range of services or safety.

So is there a better or best trading platform in the UK for larger accounts? By ‘larger’ I talking investments of circa £250k and upwards. I spent a good few hours researching the most likely candidates, so let’s see.

My Requirements

  • I hold both ETFs (Shares) & OEIC’s (Funds)
  • I have funds/ETFs from a range of different providers
  • I have two accounts, one for me and one for MAFF
  • We both have a SIPP an ISA and a GIA
  • I am currently buying monthly on an automated basis but this will stop soon
  • I would like a better set of tools for portfolio performance and analysis than my current platform offers.
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Emotional Stages of Retirement

‎Emotional Stages of Retirement

Retirement, at any age, is a significant life event that can cause a range of emotions. We all tend to concern ourselves with the financial side of retiring early and forget about the emotional stages of retirement. The different feelings we all go through as we near retirement and once we retire.

I remember when I took voluntary redundancy from a company I’d been with for 18 years. Even though I wanted to go, I still went through a whole range of ups and downs both before my leaving day and for months afterwards.… Read the rest >

How Much Do I Need To Retire At 55

How Much Do I Need To Retire At 55

The seemingly simple question of ‘how much do I need to retire at 55’ is actually far from simple to answer definitively. All the articles I read online about it fell very short of providing a comprehensive enough answer to be useful. So I thought I’d write up my thoughts on the matter based on my own personal circumstances.

Single readers please note. I am writing this based on my own circumstances i.e. as a couple, you’ll need to make some adjustments to what follows.… Read the rest >

FIRE Types – Lean FIRE, Chubby FIRE, Fat FIRE etc.

FIRE Types by Value of Investment Pot

As you explore the FIRE movement you will come across terms such as Lean FIRE, Chubby FIRE, Fat FIRE etc. But what do these terms actually mean?

To my mind there are two ways of defining these terms, the first is the more subjective ‘what kind of lifestyle does my FIRE income allow me to have’ and then a more objective definition which is hard numbers based.

I also think, that whilst the Financial Independence movement has come up with catchy definitions such as Fat FIRE, you need to be careful not to get hung up on these terms or where you are on some financial scale relative to others.… Read the rest >